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Ticketbooth For Fundraisers

Raising money is never easy,
but it’s less stressful with Ticketbooth

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Spread The Word

Reward attendees with discounted tickets for sharing your event on their favourite social networks.

Send Email Reminders

Don’t let anyone forget about your fundraiser by setting up automatic email blast that remind people about your event

Low Booking Fees

Ticketbooth charges a low per ticket fee, per ticket sold - so no nasty surprises for your or your attendees.

Let Your Event Shine

Custom brand your event page to suit your cause and help drive your ticket sales with a beautiful event page.

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Why fundraisers choose Ticketbooth

Raise More Money With Ticketbooth

Ticketbooth’s array of promotional features makes selling tickets easier than ever before.

Discount Coupons

Create a buzz around your event by offering customers a number of simple and effective coupon options

Accept Donations

Ticketbooth allows you to accept an optional donation alongside ticket purchases for attendees that want to contribute more.

Track Marketing Campaigns

To get the most likely donators to your event it is imperative to track your marketing efforts and ensure your message is getting to the right people.

Fundraiser Online Ticketing System

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Online Ticketing System for Fund Raisers

Save time organising

When you sell tickets online with Ticketbooth you’re backed by a knowledgeable support team that will advise you on best practices and provide sound advice.

Customer Support Center

We understand that things go wrong, that’s why we have a custom support centre to manage customer support, phone sales and enquiries.

Easy To Make Changes

Need to change a ticket price or description? Everything can be changed via our ticketing admin, giving you full access to your sales 24 hours a day.

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Easily fundraise with Ticketbooth’s online ticketing

Never stress about managing ticket sales for your fundraiser again, no matter the size Ticketbooth has you covered.

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