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Ticketbooth – Event Ticketing

About Us

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The Next Generation of Ticket Sales

Sydney-based Ticketbooth provides an online ticketing platform that is revolutionising the industry. We bring new audiences to events and new events to relevant audiences.

With a proven track record working with some of New Zealand’s leading festivals, performances and venues, we can help any type of event maximise its turnout – from fashion shows to professional conferences to huge music festivals.

Event Marketing Quintessentialists

We firmly believe that online ticketing is about more than just giving event organisers the technical ability to sell tickets. It’s about making great events and giving event goers an amazing experience.

This is why Ticketbooth provides an all-encompassing marketing solution that generates unprecedented exposure for events, promoting awareness and encouraging sales in precisely targeted audiences.

Supporting Clients From Grassroots To Lights-Off

Ticketbooth follows event organisers in every step of their long and arduous journey: from setting up the venue, seating plans and arrangements, to ticket promotions and sales, real-time management, and finally on to data analysis and planning their next event.

We are happy to share our years of technological, marketing and analytic experience to help make events grow bigger and fans happier.

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Ticketbooth Onsite Support - Ticket Scanning Staff

“At Ticketbooth we’re constantly striving for innovation, driven by a thirst for new tech and great client relationships” – Simon Guerrero CEO

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Let us help you grow your business.

Our sales team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your business needs.

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