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The event promotion software designed to sell you more tickets.

Set up your promoters with easy access to track their online sales. Promoters will earn commission or prizes as incentives and can compete against their peers through a ranking on an internal leaderboard.

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Promoter Portal

Custom Brand as your own

Fully customisable login, signup and promoter admin ensures the platform remains all about your event(s) or venue. Simply assign a promoter to any event under your Ticketbooth login to allow them to start promoting.

Auto Promoter Signup

Allow new promoters to register themselves and fill in their details. Or upload a CSV to our system.

Email On Signup

Promoters will receive an automatic email inviting them as a promoter.

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Promoter Login

Promoters will have access to view their online sales and compare their progress against their peers on our custom engineered leaderboard.

Live sales and profile page

Live commission stats and option to setup your profile to accept payment.

Weekly email updates

Weekly emails keeps your promoters updated with their sales, acts as a reminder and offers tips on generating more sales.

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Admin Features

Full control of your promoters with a birds eye view admin login.

Track promoter sales live

Allow your promoters to sell tickets to one or multiple events.

Setup commissions or prize based incentives

Commissions can be setup as a dollar value or prize incentivised.

Inbuilt coupon engine

Further encourage ticket sales by offering a promoter friend discount scheme.

Easy settlement process

Export a pre generated abs file and simply upload that to your banking portal to populate promoters banking info.

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Contact us to find out more if BoostedTix is right for your event.

Ticketbooth empowers thousands of events organisers across New Zealand, to sell more tickets than ever before.

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